30 August, 2011

re:forming space

re: forming space was part of the ‘LSE Space for Thought Literary Festival 2010’. The festival ran over three days and aimed to explore the boundaries between the arts and sciences through a series of lectures and talks focusing especially on literature. This work took place in the atrium – a transitory space through which all visitors had to pass in order to make their way between the various events.

The work was based on the assumption that the corporeal form is fundamentally constrained by structures that envelop it: modelling, producing and forming modes of behaviour and comportment. And yet the body forces back against its environment, creating new formations of meaning and constructions of truth and positioning itself at the centre of all human interaction. This work used an atmosphere of exploration and play to test the limits of our understanding of bodies as necessarily bounded by the subject/object dichotomy. Thus, the fluid interaction between playground and player continually reversed the active/passive relation while at the same time challenging the notion of the physical form as discrete from the environment in which it exists.